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německá verzeanglická verzeruská verzečeská verze


    The transportation, mounting and demounting is practised from our professional staff. Our specialists possess
    the special licences for driving fork lifts all categories, further licences for binder and welding work according
    to DIN standard. They are authorised for manipulation with the hydraulic hoisting system LIFT.

    The manipulation with heavy machinery and printing machines is proceed with support and instruction od producer.
    We use own binder equipment, special hydraulic hoisting units and fork lifts from JUNGHEINRICH.
    We co-operate with professional crane company HANYŠ through the transportation and manipulation with heavy and abnormal load.

    We apply some transport steel boards, special girdners and spread constructions designed according to static analysis to protection floor area and subgrade. Our professional staff co-operates with Czech and European companies - WIFAG, KBA, Man Roland, Blunier, Ferag, EMPOS, P-Servis ZIKA, TOS Čelákovice, Hanyš - jeřábnické práce s.r.o. and works in Czech Republic, EU countries and Russia.

    We carry out manufacturing, mounting and demounting steel constructions of technological halls and equipment. Our company realizes a process of delivery as chief mounter supplier or subcontractor.

    The company of Ivan Milis is fully covered agains damage of equipment up to 1000 000 EUR.

Mounting and demounting printing machines including transportation